Back and Neck Injuries at Work


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Back & Neck Injury at Work

Back and neck injuries are some of the most serious and potentially life-threatening injuries given the sensitivity of the spinal cord and the central nervous system. Suffering any type of injury in general could be a traumatic experience but getting injured while on the job, could be even more stressful. A back injury can happen out of nowhere and depending on what type of work you’re in, you could be prone to more injuries than others. Even if you weren’t participating in an activity that is more susceptible to injuries, if you suffered any back or neck pain due to your line of work, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits under California law. Contact a workers comp attorney in Sacramento to learn more about your options.

Neck injuries vary depending on various factors but some of the most common types of injuries are:

  • Neck sprain – this typically occurs when the ligaments in your neck are stretched, causing stiffness and pain
  • Pinched nerves – this typically occurs when bone or ruptured discs pinch nerves, causing extreme pain or weakness
  • Neck strain – commonly known as a whiplash, this occurs when the muscles in your neck are torn or stretched
  • Herniated discs – also known as ruptured or slipped discs, this occurs when a sudden neck motion puts pressure on a disc causing pain, weakness and potential numbness

The consequences of a neck or back injury can be debilitating, putting you out of work permanently. That’s why it’s crucial you contact a workers comp attorney in Sacramento immediately. When a specific one-time accident causes your neck or back injury, all that needs to be proven is the accident happened. When it comes to repetitive stress injuries, proving the injuries were a result of your work may be a bit more challenging. Unfortunately, many injured workers who obtain injuries from repetitive stress as opposed to a one-time event, they typically dismiss the cause, not correlating the relation with the job. Because of that, it’s important you contact a workers comp attorney in Sacramento regardless of your situation.

Work Comp Claim Lawyers

Generally speaking, the most common type of work injury in California are from one-time accidents. But workers compensation applies to all professions. It’s not uncommon for individuals having a desk job to suffer a stiff neck or salesmen to experience slip and fall accidents. Whatever situation you may have experienced, it’s important you seek medical attention as needed and then seek legal advice from a skilled workers comp attorney in Sacramento who will review what caused the accident and how to prepare the best case to get you the compensation you deserve.

The most important thing you need to do is report the accident and injury right away. Waiting for any length of time or taking the wrong steps in doing so can complicate your claim. For example, if you take sick days to recover from the injury instead of filing a workers compensation claim, the legal process can become more complicated.

Back Injuries at Work

The most common types of injuries pertain to the back. Depending on the severity, you may need surgery, physical therapy or chiropractic care. Not only does this add up financially, it could put you out of work for a long time, adding additional amount of stress. Having a skilled workers comp attorney in Sacramento by your side, is the best thing you can do to ensure you have a speedy recovery. It’s important to keep in mind that workers’ compensation cases in California could take anywhere from one to two years. That’s why it’s important you start the process immediately, especially to avoid any delays.

Because of the lengthy process, it’s important to be patient and fight for the compensation you actually deserve. It may be an easy solution to just accept the initial offer to get the process over with, you should fight for what you deserve. A workers comp attorney in Sacramento who has experience handling such cases, will know what’s reasonable and how to ensure you get the best settlement.

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