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Right to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

It’s a common misconception among many employees that they either don’t qualify for workers’ compensation benefits or view it as a mere favor granted by their employer. This misunderstanding can lead to deserving individuals not pursuing their rightful benefits, leaving them to face mounting medical bills and lost wages due to injuries that hinder their ability to work alone.

Understanding the ins and outs of workers’ compensation is crucial since it’s hard to predict when you might need to file a claim. Dispelling myths and separating fact from fiction is a vital first step, especially considering the plethora of misinformation that exists. To aid in this process, let’s address some of the widespread myths surrounding workers’ compensation in California, providing clarity and empowering employees with the knowledge they need to navigate their claims effectively.

You Must Have a Physical Injury to Qualify for Workers’ Compensation

Many believe that workers’ compensation only covers physical injuries, but California law extends far beyond that. Psychological or mental health issues resulting from work conditions, such as stress-related illnesses, anxiety, and depression, can also qualify. If your work environment has negatively impacted your mental health, causing measurable suffering, you might be eligible for compensation. Understanding the broad scope of what constitutes a compensable injury is crucial, and an experienced Sacramento workers compensation lawyer can help clarify these nuances.

You Can Only File a Claim if the Injury is Your Employer’s Fault

Another common misunderstanding is the belief that workers’ compensation claims require proof of employer negligence. However, California operates under a “no-fault” system for workers’ compensation. This means you’re entitled to benefits regardless of who was at fault for your injury. Whether it was a result of your mistake, a coworker’s error, or your employer’s negligence, you have the right to compensation. This system ensures that all workers have a safety net, emphasizing the importance of legal guidance to navigate these claims successfully.

You Can’t Choose Your Doctor for Workers’ Compensation Cases

Many injured workers are under the impression that they must go through their employer’s designated healthcare providers to receive treatment for work-related injuries. While initially, you may be directed to see a healthcare provider within your employer’s medical provider network (MPN), California law allows for some flexibility after the initial visit. You have the right to choose your treating doctor within the network after 30 days. Knowing how to navigate these rules can significantly impact the care you receive and the outcome of your claim, making the advice of a knowledgeable Sacramento workers compensation lawyer invaluable.

Filing for Workers’ Compensation Will Result in Retaliation from Your Employer

Many employees hesitate to file a workers’ compensation claim out of fear of retaliation from their employer. It’s important to know that California law strictly prohibits employers from retaliating against employees for filing a workers’ compensation claim. This includes protection against firing, demotion, harassment, or any other form of discrimination. If you feel hesitant or fear potential backlash, consulting with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Sacramento can provide you with the confidence and protection to move forward with your claim.

Workers’ Compensation is Your Only Option

While workers’ compensation provides vital benefits for injured workers, it’s not always the sole avenue for recourse. In certain situations, such as when a third party’s negligence contributes to your injury, you may have the right to pursue additional legal action outside of the workers’ compensation system. This can lead to compensation that covers a broader range of damages, including pain and suffering, which workers’ compensation does not cover. An adept Sacramento workers compensation lawyer can evaluate your case to determine if a third-party claim is a viable option for you.

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