Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorneys

Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorneys

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California workers’ compensation law, passed by the state Legislature more than 100 years ago, guarantees prompt, automatic benefits to workers injured on the job. Before workers’ compensation, injured workers had to sue their employers to recover medical costs and lost wages. Lawsuits took months and sometimes years. Juries and judges had to decide who was at fault and how much, if anything, would be paid. Too often, the injured worker got nothing. It was costly, time consuming and unfair.

Today, workers’ compensation is faster and fairer. If you cannot work because of a job injury, workers’ compensation pays your medical bills and provides money to help replace your lost income until you can return to work. Contact an experienced Sacramento workers compensation attorney for free consultation today.


What is Covered Under Workers’ Compensation Law?

Any injury or illness caused by your job is covered – everything from first-aid type injuries to serious accidents. Job-related illnesses are covered to some extent. For example, common colds and flue are not covered, but if you catch tuberculosis while working at a TB hospital, that is covered. Workers’ compensation may even cover psychiatric injuries that may arise if you are the victim of a crime at your workplace.

The key is whether the injury or illness is caused by your job.


How soon after an injury should I file a Workers’ Compensation claim in Sacramento?

In California, injured workers should notify their employer about the injury as soon as possible. The law requires that this notice be given within 30 days of the injury to maintain eligibility for benefits. Following notification, the formal claim process begins, and it’s essential to adhere to these timelines to ensure your rights are protected. Early reporting and claim filing can also facilitate quicker access to benefits and medical care.


Can I see my own doctor for a work-related injury in California?

Initially, you may be required to see a healthcare provider within your employer’s medical provider network (MPN). However, California law allows workers some choice in their medical care provider after the initial 30 days following the injury claim. If you have a pre-designated personal physician on file with your employer before your injury occurs, you may be able to see them for treatment immediately. Understanding these options and prerequisites can significantly affect your care and recovery process.


What benefits can I expect to receive from Workers’ Compensation in Sacramento?

Workers’ Compensation benefits in California include medical care necessary to recover from an injury or illness, temporary disability benefits if you lose wages because your injury prevents you from working, permanent disability benefits if you don’t fully recover, supplemental job displacement benefits for retraining or skill enhancement if you don’t return to work, and death benefits paid to your dependents if you pass away from a job injury or illness.


Can my employer retaliate against me for filing a Workers’ Compensation claim?

California law strictly prohibits employers from retaliating against employees for filing a Workers’ Compensation claim. Protections include preventing firing, demotion, harassment, or any other form of discrimination. If you believe you’re facing retaliation, it’s important to consult with a lawyer immediately to protect your rights and potentially take legal action against your employer.


Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney to File a Claim?

It is not necessary to retain an attorney to file a workers’ compensation claim and in many cases, an attorney is never hired. For minor claims such as strains, sprains, cuts and bruises, there is often no need for legal representation. Further, even if it is determined that you will have permanent disability, many cases run very smoothly with little or no complications and can be handled without the use of an attorney.

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board has a special department to assist applicants with general information on claims. This assistance is free. In Sacramento, the telephone number for the Information and Assistance Office of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board is (916) 263-2741.


When Should I Consult a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

The need for hiring a work injury attorney varies for each case. In some cases, however, you may wish to consult with a Workers’ Compensation attorney in Sacramento to assist you. Generally, the time to hire an attorney is when it is determined that you will likely have significant disability. Such determination can be made if you will need surgery or some other substantial invasive type of treatment. A Sacramento workers’ compensation attorney is only paid based on the level of permanent disability found in a claim and therefore, an attorney will likely only consider taking on a case if it is clear that there will be significant permanent disability expected.

Other complex issues may also trigger the need for a work comp attorney, including disagreement on the level of permanent disability, apportionment of disability to pre-existing or underlying conditions, vocational rehabilitation issues, disagreement as to how the injury occurred and whether or not it is an industrial injury, and complications with authorization of medical treatment or payment off benefits.

Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorneys

If you’ve been injured at work, navigating the complex world of workers’ compensation can be overwhelming. You’re not alone. At Mehlhop & Vogt Law Offices in Sacramento, California, we specialize in helping individuals like you. Workers’ compensation is designed to provide financial and medical support to employees injured on the job. Whether it’s due to an accident, a repetitive strain injury, or a work-related illness, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses.

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